Saturday, November 27, 2004

Deck the Halls

"Deck the halls with thousand dollies, fal-le-la-le-laaaa-le-la-le-la" (as sung by Meelie No)

Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers put away, the company gone. It was a wonderful time. My brother arrived last Sunday and played endlessly with the girls. They adore him. My folks came up on Wednesday. The week was filled with an endless whirlwind of activities. It is wonderful to have a house big enough to hold all of my guests, be it family or friends. The laughter and the memories we shared were never ending. I smile when I think of my 47 year old brother playing hide and seek with the girls for hours on end. I believe every nook and cranny of this house was explored for the best possible hiding places anyone could ever think of. The nights were filled with playing cards and talking about growing up.

But I feel relieved now that they are all gone. It doesn't make much sense does it? I look forward with growing anticipation of the visits. But am still glad that's it's over. I miss them terribly when they are gone, but look forward to the next time I'll see them. I think it's a sense of being able to get back into a routine. The girls are used to it. I need it to keep order in my life. Don't get me wrong, we are seriously flexible as a family, but adding others to the mix makes it, I don't know, more difficult maybe.

Even though I see my parents more regularly now that we live closer, I'm still saddened to see them getting older, and slower. In my mind I keep envisioning them like they were when I was growing up. You know, immortal. Always able to leap tall building in a single bound...stuff like that. You know?

Surely, there is more stress on me when I have visitors. I think I just don't want to admit it though. I even feel relieved to get back home when we are the ones doing the visiting. Do you ever notice how your bed feels so wonderful?

It's so quiet here this morning. I'm enjoying it. I've had a couple of cups of coffee and soon will go hop in the shower and then tidy up around the house. The girls are enjoying a lazy morning, waking up slowly. I have the time to post an entry to my blog and catch up on some long overdue correspondence.

I'm trying to ignore the "C" word but find myself beginning to get caught up in the festivities. My neighbors across the street have decorated their house beautifully. The girls want to put up the Christmas tree this weekend and I'm inclined to do it.

Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's times like these that I realize how fortunate I am to have grown up in a close knit family. I know this, and fully admit it. I am blessed. Luckily, I am smart enough to realize it, and I hope that I can raise my family with same kind of love and never ending acceptance that my parents showed us.


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