Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I was going to sleep in today

Well, that was the plan but my dog had different ideas. Oh well. It was a good idea anyway. The bummer of it was that the girls were (and still are) asleep, as well as my brother (who is visiting). I'll just enjoy the silence instead.

My brother arrived on Sunday evening and we've been having a great visit. Being the adoring sister that I am, I took the week off so that I can be with him. We've taken him around the town, showing him points of interest and he was even brave enough to weather on of my marathon trips to Walmart. Is that a sign of brotherly love or what?

One of the advantages of having company come to visit is your house gets cleaned. To most people, that would mean that you clean the house before the guests arrive. Hah! Fat lot you know. If you are really smart, you get the guests to help. Like I did. Really.

I had most of the house picked up but not cleaned before my brother came. We spent most of Monday out and about, and then on Tuesday, he needed to do some work. So, in anticipation of my parents arrival later on today, I figured I needed to at least try to do some cleaning. I got all of the laundry sorted, and things picked up and was working on the kitchen when my brother came in and asked me if I wanted him to help. Goodness no, I replied. You just take it easy and relax. Ok, it really didn't happen that way but I thought about refusing. Honest. I did. Well, ok, not that much.

To make a long story short, which is virtually impossible for me, he took the girls and basically, went on a mission. That mission was to clean the bathrooms. It was hysterical actually. The girls were both eager to help and I imagine the whole job took about 5 times longer than it normally would have if he could have done it alone. Bless him. Not only for making my bathrooms look stellar, but for including the girls. My girls. They absolutely adore him. The flip side to this is that you know they are going to tell everyone that they helped their Uncle clean the bathrooms. And I'm sure I'll then get those "how could you do that to your guest" looks. Hey, at least my bathrooms are cleaned.

Today I just need to vacuum, and wash some sheets. The normal stuff. As wonderful as Grammy and Papa are, I don't think they want to share a bed with crumbled potato chips. Oh, about the chips. I asked my daughter how they got there. She told me it was my other child. The one I haven't met yet. "I dunno."


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