Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What is your phobia?

Mine is acrophobia, the fear of heights. I get nose bleeds on curbs. I've always had it, but it's gotten worse as I've gotten older. Neither of my kids have it, and for that I'm grateful. My husband doesn't have it but he does have an aversion to most amusement park rides. Moobear hates them as well, as a matter of fact.

Not being one to want my youngest child to miss out on something as fun as riding Niagra Falls in a barrel, I go with her, fool that I am.

I'm here to tell you that hot dogs do NOT taste better the second time around.

What about you? What's your phobia?


Blogger Melonie said...

I have a phobia about my children. I worry about ridiculous things once I leave the house and they are there with my father-in-law or my husband. Things such as,"Is the back door locked, there are 3 inches of water in the pool someone could drown. Are they eating hotdogs? The baby could choke. Did I turn the stove off? Did I smell a gas leak when I left? What if someone gets sick? Do they know how to call the doctor? Or the ambulance?

Okay, that is not so much a phobia as a mental breakdown.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Moogie said...

LOL Melonie. You are not alone on this one. My husband is a wonderful father...but, let's face it, he is not as good as me. :) I cannot rationalize it...but I always worry when I am away from them.

7:29 AM  
Blogger Sharon said...

my fear....though I can definitely relate to Melonie's, I do the same thing...is of elevators. Yes, I am aware, it's a weird hangup. I was in one in the seventh grade at the Towers at Marshall University and the floor fell out after I stepped off. RIGHT after I stepped off. I saw it fall. I knew it was going to fall as I was ascending to the thirteenth floor because it was rattling so hard, more and more so as we went up (there was a boy in the elevator with me, though he got off on the twelfth floor and I stayed on because that was the boys floor and I wasn't allowed to be there -- that's me, obedient to a fault). I was holding on to the rails and wondering if I would have to use them to hang on until help came if the floor did fall. It held up right until my left foot was safely on the hallway floor. Then dropped. I'll never forget it.

To this day I will take the stairs instead of the elevator if at all possible. The sick feeling always comes back just looking at one.

8:17 AM  
Blogger DaFFy said...

Mine's spider...ick! I want to shudder as I type the word. I shake, break out in a sweat - EWWWWWWW can't stand them. Even when they are only on TV, and the logical part of my brain (when I find it) tells me that big, hairy thing isn't even in the room with me...I still shudder and squirm...

7:16 AM  

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