Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Quite often, I help the kids with their homework. Mr. OWW generally gets the honors as he is home when the kids get back from school. When I'm here, mostly on "dance" nights (one takes ballet, the other jazz), I help the girls. They get to slide on their homework until it gets dark and they can no longer play.

So, I'm helping Moobear with her homework. This time it's math. Those of you who know me, know that math is my subject. I'm a financial analyst, and I love numbers. Yes, this explains a lot. When I help Moobear with math, she loves it if I do the problems with her. So, dutiful mom that I am, have my sheet of paper and a pencil, working out the problems as she does them. Don't tell anyone, but I really enjoy this.

So, anyway, back to my point. I do get sidetracked, don't I? I was helping her do her homework and we were on this particularly dicey long division problem. "Whooops...sorry my love, it seems you have it wrong. Try it again." She does it over, and gets the same answer. I quickly review my work and discover "I" was the one that made the mistake. Sigh..I will NEVER live this down. The teacher will be informed first thing in the morning I am sure.

There is something that can be said about overtime.


I received an email from Moobear's math teacher this morning. Seems that Moobear shared this story with the entire class. The teacher was "tickled." I'm ruined. Before you know it, the entire school and PTA will know this. My career in finance is over. But that's ok. I have a back up plan.

Do you want fries with that??? Tell me, does this uniform make me look fat?

Side note: I may be away for a few days if the police find the body of Mr. OWW. I had to do it. He was laughing so hard it pissed me off. Besides....I wanted the last piece of pumkin pie.


Blogger Ward said...


I'm still kickin' around. But I am being careful about saying "subtraction".....

11:26 AM  
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