Thursday, December 02, 2004

Kids can be so simple sometimes

Authors note: I actually wrote this post last night, but was unable to post it until today. Blogger was having a psychotic episode I guess. That would explain the inordinate amount of posts for today. Carry on....

Mr. OWW is off visiting the neighbors right now. He works some strange hours so he eats lunch later, and is generally not hungry at dinner time. Well, I'm cooking the kids dinner tonight. They, of course are starving because they haven't eaten in the last 12 minutes. I have a serious headache (I don't do headaches...I'm fortunate, so when I have really knocks me down) and I don't have the energy to fight. So I get creative.

" guys are at a restaurant. A Mexican restaurant. Remember the one we used to go to when we were in California? Well, here are your chips and salsa. Dig in while your dinner is getting ready. "

People...they went for it. Hook, line and sinker. They sat down and are happily munching on chips and salsa while their Macaroni and Cheese is cooking. Of course, I had to add to the whole thing by giving them special cups for their drinks.

I know that macaroni and cheese can't be classified as Mexican food. But hey...we are flexible here at Chez Moogie. My kids are happy. They are not complaining which would increase the pounding in my head. This is a good thing. I believe and live by children's menus.

Of course, no dinner would be complete without raw baby carrots, served with ranch dressing, and apple sauce. We here at Chez Moogie aim to please. For the applesauce, I offer chunky or smooth. Am I awesome or what?

If you'd like to come to's best if you make reservations. Oh..and don't forget to bring your lap. I have a couple of terrorists who would love to occupy the space.


Blogger Melonie said...

Macaroni and Cheese with chips and salsa, that would be considered gourmet around here as of late.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Yes you are awesome!! And my kids would love this dinner!
(The carrots and ranch dressing sound good to me, too)

6:42 AM  

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